How do Safia products work?





Our two key ingredients

Safia water oxygenation system uses two organic elements to purify and clean the water in your pool. *The Canadian Health Agency recommends adding a recognized water sanitizer.


Thanks to SAF-OX’s high active oxygen content, this hydrogen peroxide solution, stabilized at 29%, literally breathes fresh life into your pool! This solution is 100% biodegradable and entirely free of harmful chemical residues.


SAF-AQUA is a colloidal quartz powder that sinks suspended particles and neutralizes metals thereby prolonging the useful life of active oxygen. Your water will be clearer than you can imagine.

Benefits of the Safia solution

  • 1Environmentally-friendly
  • 4100% biodegradable
  • 5Cleaner, fresher feeling like spring water
  • 2No irritation to skin or eyes while swimming
  • 6Hypoallergenic
  • 7Easy weekly applications
  • 3Addition of enzymes for crystal clear water

Tested & Verified

Over the past 12 years, this water filtration system has been used in several European countries such as France, Germany and Switzerland to name a few. The Safia process, which oxygenates the water and makes it aerobic, offers the remarkable benefits of hydrated, clean and irritation-free skin. The guarantee of a most enjoyable swim!

Natural process

NEW: An UV treatment will soon be available, complementing the Safia process. Installation available. For more info, contact us!

Say good-bye to…

  • Hair discoloration caused by chemicals
  • Eye and skin irritations
  • Potential chemical damage to equipment and swimwear
  • Harmful residues
  • WHY is it important to use the Safia process?

    • Easy and simple use for pool maintenance
    • Non toxic, biodegradable and eco-friendly
    • No skin or eye irritation
    • No Potential chemical damage to equipment and swimwear
    • Odourless (ideal for indoor pool and spa)
    • No hair discoloration


    • How important is it to follow the weekly maintenance?

      Very. Our 3-minute process must be completed every week to maintain the cleanliness and clarity of your pool.
    • What will happen if I forget the weekly maintenance?

      If the water remains clear simply apply a normal treatment. If it has clouded up you may have to.
    • Can I treat a pool where the water is not clear and clean?

      First, use the traditional shockers to clean your water then follow with Safia process instructions.
    • What if my pool water becomes foggy or discolored?

      Make sure your pool has a chlorine reading of less than 0.5 ppm.
    • What should I do if my water pH is lower than 7.2 or higher than 7.6?

      If the pH level is higher or lower than advised, simply adjust it with a pH additive. You can find the pH products at most pool stores.
    • Can I use chlorine without changing the water?

    • How often do I need to clean the pool filters?

      At least once a week, followed by a backwash. If the cartridge is dirty, rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove any organic residues.
    • Is the continuous oxygenation important?

      It is preferable to maintain a continuous filtration during the week. If you have a timer on your filter, adjust it for to minimum of 12 hours per day.
    • The level of peroxide in my pool seems to always be diminishing making my water foggy or not clear? What should I do?

      There must be a high level of phosphate in the water, in fact this is a current problem with most tap water in cities. Test your pool water at any pool store. If the level of phosphate is high then you can purchase a special product that eliminates the phosphate in the water. Phosphate actually reduces both chlorine and bromine.
    • I want to use the Safia Process and my pool is not open yet for the season?

      We strongly suggest to start off with the use of the traditional shock treatment with chlorine. Once your water is clean and clear, then use Safia process.
    • My pool water reading is within the norm however I still have algae and /or foggy water?

      We now have various contaminants in rain and city water. We recommend taking a sample of your water to a pool store to identify the contaminant (iron, manganese, phosphate, copper etc.)
    • Where can I find Safia Process for pool?

      Order by phone 514-800-7569 or contact one of our resellers