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Graduate in sociology and criminology, my thesis was about ecology. Consequently, I always stayed interested in all those innovations that would help the environment. In 2005, I attended a European conference dealing with various products to replace harsh chemicals , very harmful because of the residues for the environment and the human health. At that time, I was suffering from various types of allergies that I discovered they were related to chlorine. I made a research and I find out that an important number of Olympian swimmers was suffering of all kind of health problem that could not the sources. lately they finally discovered the reasons of those pains and it was related to chlorine.


In 2006. We changed to a salt system our swimming pool, because we thought it would be a natural process accordingly to the sales speech and all the publicity around it. It was the natural alternative to chlorine. Unfortunately, after having poured more than 300 kg of salt we understood that salt is quite simply employed to produce chlorine. Not only we bathe in chlorine but we pour in the environment the chlorine residues and moreover of salt (very corrosive for the environment, the skin, the installations and electricals appliances.


A summer later, after one very bad winter the staircases weakened by salt yielded and the swimming pool had to be remodelled . It is at this time, which I got the products used in Europe for the swimming pool and since I opened the Safia company.


The Safia process for swimming pools and spas was very appreciated by customers increasingly allergic to the chlorines or bromines products.

The last ten years statistic showed a continuously important raise in skin problems, specially in the category 16- 35.


A lot of my friends and acquaintance begin to try that process in their bathtub. 90% of them find that product very interesting and helping them to ameliorate their skin or their stresses or their sleeping.


Those people suggest me to sale that product for bath, not everybody own a Jacuzzi or a pool.


People having problems of stress, tension, or dry skin and other skin problems experienced a real improvement.

Bain Viva is especially a product which cleans your water and oxygenate the water. This oxygenation help the pores.


Viva bath is unique process that help your skin to breath. All the other products don,t transform you water in a mostly spring water.


Good Swimming!