The Safia Spa Process

The Safia team has developed an eco-process that revolutionizes water treatment in your spa or hot tub. This water treatment is entirely based on two natural ingredients that when combined re-oxygenate water for a much more pleasurable spa experience.

Before & After

Above: Experimental Case Study
A lake water spa in Abitibi, Ontario contained metals such as iron, manganese, and copper. The spa had difficulty maintaining clear and clean water by using traditional methods. After 12 hours of using Safia spa process the water became crystal clear.

Benefits of the Safia solution

  • Environmentally-friendly
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Cleaner fresher feeling like spring water
  • No irritation to skin or eyes while swimming
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Easy weekly applications

Say good-bye to…

  • Hair discoloration caused by chlorine
  • Eye and skin irritations
  • Foul-smelling and foul-tasting water
  • Calcium deposits
  • Damage to equipment and swimwear
  • Harmful residues
  • Eliminates dirty rings in your spa

The spa process is…

  • Easy to use
  • Environmentally friendly

Start with a Safia Spa Filter

This polymeric cartridge filters impurities such as pollutants, metals and organic residues from plants and animals filtering the water to offer an enjoyable crystal clear, wholesome clean pool!

The Canadian Health Agency recommends adding a known water sanitizer.

How do Safia products work?

The Safia water re-oxygenation process uses two organic elements to purify and clean the water in your pool.

Our two natural ingredients


Thanks to Oxsafia’s high active oxygen content, this H2o2 (hydrogen peroxide) solution, stabilized at 29%, literally breathes fresh life into your spa! This solution is 100% biodegradable and entirely free of harmful chemical residues.


Aquasafia is a colloidal quartz powder that effectively sinks suspended particles, neutralizes metals thereby helping to prolong the useful life of active oxygen.

Mixing AquaSafia with OxSafia duplicates nature’s ability to cleanse water. Think of it like a natural artesian spring. The bubbling action from the OxSafia creates an oxygen rich aerobic environment that separates impurity from the pure water. With spring water, the impurities fall to the bottom, but in a pool or spa, the separated impurities created by AquaSafia will get trapped in your filter.

Typical unwanted contaminants found in pools and spas that can be removed by the Safia re-oxygenation process and filter are:

  • Metals causing stains
  • Plant and animal decomposition matter
  • Fertilizers
  • Suntan or sunscreen lotions
  • Hair spray, makeup
  • Bodily fluids like sweat, etc…


Is it important to follow a weekly maintenance program, and if so – why?

Yes, simply to avoid problems that may occur and to maximize the cleanliness of the water in your spa.

What happens if I forget the weekly maintenance?

If your water is still clean and clear, simply follow the normal SAFIA SPA instructions. If not, please see next FAQ.

What should I do if my spa water becomes dirty and foggy?

Simply change the water to ensure that all harmful residues have been eliminated. Then add the Safia Spa Process to keep your spa water healthy and naturally pure to enjoy and relax.

Can I treat a spa water that is already dirty, foggy or discolored?

It is not ideal for optimum results. We suggest refilling the spa with clean water then apply the Safia process.

When should I change my spa water?

Normally we recommend changing the water every 12 to 15 weeks to maintain the effectiveness of our product.

What should I do if my water pH is lower than 7.2 or higher then 7.6?

Lower your pH level between 7.2 and 7.6 by adding a pH additive. If your PH is lower than 7.2 add the solution to higher the level. The pH additives can be found in any spa store.

Can I add Safia Spa in bromine or chlorine treated water without changing it?


Can I use bromine, chlorine or any other conventional products on the market without changing the water?


How often do I need to clean the spa filters?

At least once a week or as required, rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove any organic residues.

Is the continuous oxygenation of my spa important?

It is preferable to maintain continuous oxygenation during the week. Depending on the model of your spa, there is an option you could adjust for an automatic daily cycle to filtrate the water a number of times per day.

Tested & True

Over the last 12 years, this water oxygenation process has been used in several European countries including France, Germany and Switzerland to name a few. The great benefits of Safia’s active oxygen water treatment is that it has been proven safe at hydrating skin during a pleasurable swimming experience!

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